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Popular thesp David Graf (Eugene Tacklebery in the “Police Academy” films) suffered a fatal heart attack while attending his brother-in-law’s wedding in 2001. “Surviving David” is Kathryn Graf’s cathartic exploration of a young widow’s struggle to find her equilibrium in the months that followed. Under the creative guidance of helmer Tony Sears, Graf offers a compelling glimpse into her struggle to deal with unrelenting grief, while struggling to maintain some sense of familial normalcy for her two young children. ...Graf is a convincing storyteller who has impressively distilled her very personal experience into a viable evening of theatre.
By Julio Martinez

In a solo-show memoir, "Surviving David," blond, chipper Kathryn Graf chops and mixes the stages of grief into unlikely new combinations. Some are inviting, some ugly, all self-revealing to a fault. She even adds a phase that's not on Dr. Kübler-Ross's chart: lust.
Published: August 17, 2005, New York Times


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NYC Fringe (Outstanding Solo Show, NYC Fringe).

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