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Mom's Choice Award Seal imageAuthored by Kathryn Graf
Illustrated by Hiphung Lam

A children's picture book (ages 5-10) in which a small boy deals with the loss of his father.

Always My Dad offers the hope that love endures after death and a deceased father (or mother) can be a unique, invisible friend throughout one’s life.

"I wrote the words I wish I had shared with my own children after their father died, the essence of which I live with every day and hope my children do as well."

- Kathryn Graf, Author
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"This book celebrates the way reality is more than physical, and love is about more than spoken words."

- Reverend Daniel Kiger
Director of Pastoral Care
Marion General Hospital/ Ohio Health

"A touching and sensitive story that helps children take comfort in the notion that even when loved ones are no longer present in our physical lives, their spirit lives on and helps to guide and nurture us in an exceptional and unique way."

- Lea W, Engle, MA, MFT

"On rare occasions it is possible to find the beauty in a tragedy of life. That beauty shines in this book. It will bring comfort to both reader and child, as well as open up dialogue between them."

- Gail Silverton
Owner, Neighbourhood Preschool
North Hollywood, CA

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